le Surmelin


Le Surmelin chooses its partners with great care. We opt for local quality, preferably in the short chain, small independents with a lot of enthusiasm and dynamism.




Simple, fresh and very tasty cuisine in a warm brasserie setting with a very nice terrace. You can choose from 5 starters and 5 main courses. The cosy brasserie atmosphere goes hand in hand with the jovial managers Eric and Laurence who do everything they can to make you feel at home.

Aux délices
de l'abbaye

Local, fresh and organic dishes in a cosy, simple atmosphere and a very unpretentious interior.  Choose from 2 original menus that include forgotten ingredients. The terrace on the church square has a view of the former abbey church. Valerie is your engaging hostess and at once the waiter and chef.


Au rendez-vous des pêcheurs

Classic French cuisine in a simple setting, with stylish yet warm service.

In a nevertheless cold setting, you eat the best classic French cuisine in the region. Here you eat top dishes at a very reasonable price. The welcome is correct and very warm.



This Italian-inspired restaurant in the city centre offers very refined cuisine and more than copious dishes. It also serves fresh pasta and pizza. The atmosphere is warm and just as you would expect from a good Italian.



Brasserie and ditto cuisine. The large terrace is pleasant and nice to linger on days of less sunshine too. You’re right in the city, though. The dishes are varied and correct as you would expect from a brasserie. The place can get busy, which sometimes results in slow service that is apathetic anyway.


Rive Droite

Located in the city centre, the restaurant is quite trendy. It has an outdoor terrace. The cuisine is accordingly delicious and refined. This restaurant is rather Flemish in style and décor. Be sure to opt for the aged beef.

Smooth sophisticated dishes in a sleek yet warm environment carried by engagingly friendly service.



A pakistani or Indian restaurant as these often are. You eat there nicely and even rather cheaply. The dishes are the familiar ones and are of good quality. The service is friendly and correct. The décor is typical of an Indian restaurant.

La Table
de l'Abbaye
A classic French restaurant serving the well-known good French cuisine with a slightly better presentation. This restaurant is very well located and offers ample space both inside and outside.

Simple and tasty cuisine in a simple and a little dated interior and that just gives it its charm. The place is also really French, with their stereotypical slightly disinterested attitude, but the dishes are fresh, good and tasty.


Refined cuisine and served with care and pride. The dishes are really tasty and the interior as well as the chef are sympathetic. You eat well there.


Le Relais

A classy restaurant with dishes and menus of great allure. The chef lets you taste rather than eat there. The conservatory and its view of the vineyards on the banks of the Marne is superb.


Moulin Babet

Stylish restaurant with sophisticated new cuisine in a sleek yet warm interior. The terrace on the banks of the Surmelin is extraordinary.


Hotel & holiday homes


The Napoleon III style Château de Picheny was built in 1869 by and for the architect Charles Hyppolite Blanche. The castle was his summer and hunting residence.
The Second Empire style, also known as the Napoleon III style, is a style born in France during the Second Empire, under the impulse of Emperor Napoleon and Empress Eugenie. It was very popular with the French bourgeoisie between the 1860s and the 1880s.
Charles Hippolyte Blanche was born on 30 July 1827 in Paris, and died on 14 August 1894 in Picheny, aged 67.
Blanche’s grave can be visited in Paris at Père-Lachaise (division 5, chemin serré, line 2).
Charles Hippolyte worked in Paris, where he built several luxury apartment buildings of high standing.
Charles Hyppolite Blanche was a colleague of Georges-Eugène Haussmann. Haussmann is known as the urban planner who created the present Paris with its large boulevards.

3 castle suites with private lounge and bathroom, in a tastefully decorated authentic castle overlooking the valley.
The hosts complete the picture with their warm and open welcome.

Montlevon – Pichény


Gîtes MARGUERITTE has two spacious holiday homes. The Gîte Alpin sleeps 18 and the Gîte Melon sleeps 24. The two gîtes can also be combined into one large gîte for 42 people. There is a multi-purpose room suitable for family and friends gatherings, parties, meetings, workshops, team building, etc.




Romantic gîte for 7 people in a unique location on the slopes of the valley which is also home to champagne vineyards.


Indépendants winemakers

Champagne is a matter of taste, on every level, from grape to terroir to métier and welcome. We choose our champagnes on this basis. Every month, we still discover new and surprising flavours and meet the finest winemakers.


Didier was one of our first discoveries. He has part of his vineyards on the slopes of Baulne-en-Brie. His champagne is typical of the valley from the Surmelin and the Meunier grape. He is also immediately one of the better promoters of champagne and, for now, provides the clearest explanation of the production process.

Le Breuil


Vallées-en-Champagne has several winemakers. Located at the top of the slope, the Sourdet-Diot house has modern accommodation and, above all, a very well-equipped tasting room. The champagnes there are very refined and made with great care.

La Chapelle Monthodon


The domain of this champagne house overlooks the Marne valley and is located a stone’s throw from the village of Chézy-sur-Marne. The champagne there is produced traditionally and, above all, is presented very contemporary with a fresh look by the fifth generation of winemakers.



Like many of the champagne farmers, this independent wine grower is located in the Marne valley. What is unique is the versatility of this ‘farmer’ considering they also just practice farming in the family. The champagne is very accessible and has a modern look.

Binson Orquigny



This champagne farmer’s terroir is located in several places in the Marne Valley. In Monthurel is the plot of the Surmelin valley. Outstanding and very distinctive is their 100% Meunier.



This champagne producer is located in the most famous champagne region. A stone’s throw from the most famous villages, this winery benefits from the soil of this part of the Marne valley. Their champagne is very accessible due to the relatively large proportion of Chardonnay.

Les Crayères – Venteuil

Père & Fils

Olivier Belin is the youngest generation of this champagne. He was already active in sustainable cultivation and pesticide-free management a decade ago. He excels in very high-quality champagnes with a ditto look. His tasting room-shop is very modern. A tour has a cost but is then very complete.

Aulnois – Essomes-sur-Marne


The pioneer of an organic champagne is Christophe, though. He is passionate about what he does and he manages the entire production process himself. By the way, his vineyards are in one of the most beautiful places in the Marne valley, in the Bonneil cirque with slopes of more than 100m.


Vallées en Champagne has only a small number of champagne farmers. This one is immediately a lady who makes outstanding champagnes in a sustainable way.

La Chapelle-Monthodon


Jean-Yves has all his vineyards in Vallées and Champagne and, of course, grows mainly Pinot Meunier. Interestingly, Roulot is also involved as a cattle farmer at his Ferme de Montlevon.

La Chapelle-Monthodon

Derot -

A champagne made with Pinot Gris grapes is rare. This winegrower makes it like his ancestors, the cuvée des fondateurs.

Leguilette -
Champagne may be made with seven grape varieties. Usually, champagne makers use the 3 over-familiar varieties but this vintner delivers a unique one, namely Le Clos du Montdorin that combines Pinot Gris, Arbanne and Petit Meslier.

Local products

Les Canardises
des 3 vallées

Here you will discover the taste and quality of real duck. This artisan producer breeds ducks on their own farm and processes the meat into a very wide range of products.


La chêvrerie
de la Dhuys

It is also a beekeeper but mainly a cheesemaker of fresh goat cheese made in several varieties weekly at the farm which, by the way, is very nicely situated on a hill in the Dhuys valley.



Le Jardin
des Grenouilles

These young horticulturists grow tasty vegetables in their own greenhouses and fields according to the seasons.



du Dolloir

Brie is a well-known cheese. This cheesemaker affines the genuine Brie de Meaux. Moreover, they also offer a range of other creamy cheeses such as the Grenouillate, the Coulommier and the surprising Brie Noir, which approximates the taste of a parmesan cheese.



Hugo grows local and seasonal vegetables on the grounds of his childhood home. Local and fresh.


Boucherie Charcuterie

It may be a very small shop, but Mara is an authentic butcher and charcutier. The charcuterie is prepared on site and though the selection is limited each one is delicious.


de la Chevance

Beef tastes nowhere better than at this genuine local ‘farmer’. Here you can feel free to buy a beef startare and enjoy the real taste of meat. The cattle are processed into super-tasty meat on site. By the way, the farm also offers pork and poultry from colleagues.



Our chicken meat invariably comes from this local farmer, who even grows the feed for their birds and also processes the chicken meat in their own butchery. Here you will find another meaty chicken weighing over 3kg, which makes for a tasty dish of as many kilos.



La Chopine

Romain, the brewer, will welcome you in a building in the middle of the fields, where you can enjoy guided tours, the shop, cultural events and a tasting/bar area with boards of local products. The objective is clear, to produce in the medium term 100% of the raw materials on Condé-en-Brie, namely cereals, hops and honey. The hop field has already produced 1/5 of the plants this year and the honey has been produced for several years. The brewing energy will be produced using solar panels on the roof.


Les 3 loups

Located in the heart of the Marne valley (southern Aisne), the Les 3 Loups brewery is established in the hamlet of Courcelles, in the commune of Trélou-sur-Marne.

The brewer, a craftsman at heart, after having travelled through France and Belgium in order to quench his thirst for knowledge, returned “home” to brew his beers, the fruit of his journey and his love for this beverage.

The brewery produces beers of Belgian inspiration, light, subtly spiced and finely hopped, but in the course of his encounters and travels, the brewer has initiated new recipes and experiments, always applying the same know-how and the same high standards.


La Gaultoise

Passionate about agriculture, Romain has been a farmer for more than 19 years and decided to launch himself into the field of home brewing.

With his experience, your brewer guarantees you an exceptional beer that combines tradition and authenticity. Your professional will share with you his confirmed know-how to ensure the quality of his products.

La Gault