Culture and diversity: the essays

Alain writes on sociological themes. He is especially interested by the theme of diversity and its mechanisms.He is writing essyas on it.

Respect and attention

Alain being a sociologist, he has been for years very interested in the study of the conflict of frames of reference of people and their communities in particular. Through these two ‘popular’ works he tries to explain certain mechanisms of misunderstanding, conflict, aggression, intolerance, … which are all based on the same concept, that of ‘culture’.

Impact of human diversity and its culture on communication

At the end of his professional career, Alain studied the differences in communication rules (frames of reference) according to the culture of a group or an individual. It is about the diversity of people’s culture and also personal diversity and why people do not (or no longer) understand each other and why, in a power relationship, they are very often not reached by the discourse conducted by politicians, for example.