Wheelchair friendly

We have our reasons for being wheelchair-friendly.
One is that who or what you are really matters little to us, except that we want you to be able to be welcome with us. Travelling with a wheelchair is a real challenge. We know that all too well by now, unfortunately. That is why we have chosen to adapt the house in a way that it does not become clinical and that everyone can be who they are.

However, we are aware that promises are not so practical when you are in a wheelchair. Therefore, here we give you the details of what can and is possible here in the house. The whole house is accessible: the sloping entrance, the ground floor without steps, the wheelchair-accessible terrace, the bedrooms with wide doors and walk-in shower with handles.

Do you have questions about how you can have a pleasant time here ? Just contact us by e-mail and we will look into it together.


Entrance directly from the car without steps


Access to the bathroom is via a sliding door.


The corridor, breakfast nook, dining room and lounge are easily accessible by wheelchair. There are no steps and the difference in level is provided by a ramp.


Entry of 90cm without steps and direct access to the room


The shower is rimless and can be entered. There are single handles, a rain shower and a hand shower. The washbasin is underrideable.


Access to the terrace can be via a double door, without steps and over the entire surface without borders or steps.


Directly from the front door into the room through a wide door.


The toilet is equipped with some handles and there is space next to it.

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