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Your dog will like the surroundings

We welcome your dogs with pleasure. Our house is situated in the Surmelin valley, a few steps away from the vineyards and forests. The walks are superb, over the footbridge to the village and up through the vineyards, miles of paths through the countryside.

Our room ‘Passerelle’ is located at the front door and just a few steps from the footpath. Dogs can stay with you and we don’t mind if they are with you for breakfast or lunch. If possible, during your stay, we do not accept bookings of other guests with dogs, so that your dog can feel at ease. This is also why we do not let our dogs in our common areas. They are big dogs and the house is not big enough to be a playground for dogs.

Meet Minia & Taizo

Sometimes – if you like it and you are ready to meet 45 kg of enthusiastic muscles – we let our dogs get to know you.


Our Argentinean Mastiff is already 13 years old. He came to us in July 2018, having been at the shelter in Epernay for over a year. Taizo lived with a family in a flat where he caught the cat… Before he was a dog who was always running away from home and came to live in a cage …

At the shelter he stayed there because he is big, so he eats a lot and …

He has been living with us for 4 years and he never leaves us, even when we go for a walk he stays around us. He is old, suffers from stiff muscles and calcified joints, but he is happy, loves to be stroked and is still very lively when he meets people. He no longer loves other dogs so he often stays in front of our stove.


Our cane corso is 3 years old. She came to us in October 2020 from a private shelter in Serbia. Minia is a “product” of the purebred dog breeding industry. When these dogs are not sold at the age of 8 weeks, they are too expensive and are dumped in the forests around Belgrade. She lived for weeks in the woods and was finally captured and put in a shelter.
With the help of the Belgian association “Blu’s Home” which was taking in these cane corsos, we adopted Minia in France.

She has been living with us for 2 years. She is very anxious and afraid of almost everything. Little by little she is learning to trust people and once she trusts you, she is the first to ask for constant petting. Unfortunately her enthusiasm does not match her weight and strength. She is therefore a strong dog that we only allow in our guest room under strict rules.

We have had large dogs for about 30 years. They are no longer with us but they are still in our memory and hearts.

Mastino Napolitano
Mastino Napolitano
Arno Labrador
Bryo Berger allemand
Berger allemand
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