Who we are

Greet and Alain Deloore have been running a bed and breakfast in the far south of the Champagne region for several years. Of course, we have a past in other areas and this in Flanders. Because a bed and breakfast is also about the host and hostess, we want to give you an idea of who we are.


Interior designer with 30 years of experience in contemporary art as a gallerist with her own art gallery in Leuven (B). You will surely notice the traces of this professional activity on the walls of our B&B. Dozens of originals, etchings and lithographs from her own collection brighten up the rooms as if it were a small art gallery.
Greet has worked for decades as an interior design consultant specialising in contemporary design furniture. Even today, she is an interior designer at a French interior design shop. Greet has a broad knowledge of contemporary designer furniture and lighting. She knows how to furnish or improve any interior tastefully and to the client’s liking.
Greet is the perfect person to refresh your interior into a contemporary and pleasant whole, from furnishing to decoration and furniture.
Le Surmelin also offers interior & decoration arrangements, where together with Greet you calmly look at, discover and plan your new interior.



Sociologist (labour, criminological and political sociology, health & safety) had a career in management, consultancy of organisations and in corporate communication.
 In 2018, he said goodbye to the notorious ‘rat race’ and opted for a simpler existence.
Today, though, he is still a jewellery designer. In his own workshop, he casts his own collection of metal jewellery on single pieces.
He and Greet remodelled the B&B since 2012 and have been running it full-time since 2018.
He is the granddad of Phéline (°2018) & Leandro (°2021) and the friend of Taizo, Argentine dog (13) & Minia, cane corso (3).

Alain is also a beekeeper. He is not a “harvester”. For him, the bees and their survival are more important. Today, on the B&B grounds, there are 2 hives managed in such a natural way. As an ApiPapi (grandfather beekeeper), Alain wants to ensure through the children that the bees are valued.

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